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2023 Home Trends in Melbourne, FL

Keeping up with the most recent trends is an essential—and enjoyable—part of the home design process with custom home builders Brevard county FL, whether you’re planning to construct or are still creating a wish list in your brain.

While some of the trends sweeping the nation and Estes Builders’ portfolio are well-known, others are only starting to gain traction. In either case, they serve as a crucial barometer of our constantly evolving lifestyles and preferences.

Here are a few design ideas we might expect to see when 2022 gives way to 2023 by home builder Melbourne FL:


Americans are increasingly in need of home spaces that can adapt to a family’s shifting demands, from home offices to caring for elderly parents. Making the proper preparations throughout the design phase, home builder Melbourne FL can assist with making this happen.

For instance, if a home office has a closet and a second exit, it can easily be converted into a second bedroom. Or making room for a data closet can make it easier to convert a spare bedroom into a media room in the future.


For entertaining, casual dining, and cooking interesting dishes from social media, large kitchen islands have become essential. However, peninsula islands are outside limits.


There are several options for improving kitchen efficiency. Galley-style layouts are popular to assist prevent wasting space in place of clunky corner cabinets. To reduce countertop clutter and promote a minimalist aesthetic, creative internal storage solutions are crucial. Consider vertical cookie sheet racks, built-in spice racks, and small appliance elevators. In order to handle both culinary needs and phone/laptop charging, plan ahead for outlets, particularly outlets with USB charging connectors.


Although some in the housing industry claim that open floor plans are losing popularity, we don’t observe this among the buyers of our custom homes. In order to facilitate entertaining and let more light into the living area, homeowners continue to yearn for a link between the kitchen and living area.


Many Estes customers have been asking about steam showers, which offer relaxation without needing to fill a tub, albeit being on the pricier side.


Home buyers are choosing LED-equipped mirrors with or without a recessed medicine cabinet over conventional two- and three-light vanity fixtures. In fact, there is more experimentation being done with bathroom lighting in general, including over-the-sink pendant lights.


Radiant flooring is still popular in bathrooms because it adds warmth to the typically soggy winters in the Pacific Northwest. However, as an alternative to forced-air systems in the home, radiant heat is also gaining favor.


Since the epidemic, the popularity of thoughtful outdoor areas has skyrocketed and is showing no signs of abating.

Particularly when interior facilities move outdoors, decks are becoming more useful than ever. These amenities include outdoor kitchens (pizza ovens are especially popular), cozy and fashionable furniture that nevertheless withstands the environment, and distinct “rooms” for gathering, eating, and relaxing.

The crucially needed seamless transitions from inside to outside are made possible by large folding or sliding doors, Dipenta Construction home builder professionals can help you with this.


During the modern farmhouse fad, darker window frames made a comeback and appear to be here to stay even as that home style fades. For a classic appeal, the sleek look complements contemporary and transitional house designs, have this with custom home builders Brevard county FL.


A home is better off requiring less effort. Products like composite decking, fiber cement siding, and other wood substitutes provide realistic aesthetics without the maintenance required of wood options.

The design staff at Dipenta Construction can assist in making any vision for your ideal home a reality. Today, arrange for a custom home investment study.

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