9 Tips for creating a minimalist house

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Less is more”, is the new mentality trend when it comes to achieving a minimalist home. It means that there’s much more to it than simply having fewer things in your home. A minimalist lifestyle relies on the foundation of being intentional with how you decorate and plan your house. Are you considering a minimalist style for your new house build? Well, there are tips for planning a minimalist house with your house contractor because it takes more consideration to choose fewer pieces, and maximize all the spaces.


  • Start with your Why

First and foremost, know your reasons why you are going minimalist. Consider how your home will be able to support you to live an intentional life. When you have a clear goal and vision of the life you want, it will give you clarity on which items to keep and which to let go of.


  • Declutter

A minimalist lifestyle is all about living with less and decluttering is a must. If there’s something you haven’t used in years, get rid of it. Every piece in your home should serve a purpose for everything.


  • Repurpose what you already have

Before you buy more furniture decors, try to reuse and repurpose what’s already in your home. You can use shoeboxes to organize clothing in drawers with smaller boxes as dividers for smaller items. You can check with your house contractor for the multipurpose things that you want like multipurpose furniture. 


  • Be intentional about what you buy

When you buy items for your new house, plan ahead so you won’t end up purchasing unnecessary pieces.


  • Stick to timeless pieces

When you are living a minimalist lifestyle, it also enables you to invest in fewer, better things. When it comes to buying furniture and decor, opt for timeless well-made pieces that will stand the test of time. Clean lines and well-constructed pieces never go out of style.


  • Keep materials consistent

According to some house contractors, achieving a minimal aesthetic is all about simplicity and putting together a home that feels bright, airy, relaxing, and modern. Stick with material that feels light and airy such as bleached oak or lighter concrete.


  • Go for concealed storage

Not all items are meant to be displayed. Because of this, concealed storage can be helpful in achieving your minimalist design for your new house build. In addition, it can add more space to your home.


  • Take advantage of idle space

Idle spaces showcase the beauty of the simplicity of your home. The minimalist style evokes feelings of peace and tranquility within simplicity and leaving a bit of negative space communicates the sense of having the space to breathe. If you have a large amount of idle space and feel the need to dress it up, simple touches such as indoor plants or a piece of artwork can help make the space feel homely while maintaining the understated minimalist aesthetic.


  • Find pieces that seamlessly fit together

The beauty of a space, view, or piece of art should complement each other, and colors and shapes should remain simple.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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